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L.A. Festival of Books

April 28-29th
University of California Los Angeles

Is anyone going? And does anyone plan to host a booth? I hear it is expensive and so I will likely just bring copies of my book to show to publishers. There's a chance that I may share a booth with another self-published writer like myself, but I will not know the probability of that likeliness until February. For now, I read, write, and apply for fellowships.

L.A. Festival of Books * L.A. Festival of Books * L.A. Festival of Books

It's a heavy weight in the back of my mind.

I would like to know if any writers here are planning to attend this extravagant event.


Hey there! My name is Claire Thixton and I saw your guys forum and decided I'd give it a whirl. I'm new to the Children's Book area but I have an interest in creating a studio and creating multitudes of different media for children and others in the future. I'm in college right now majoring in Creative Writing and Film Production, and hope to go to MCAD (it's an art school in Minneapolis) next year. Everybody seems full of information here so far that I've looked at, and I'd love the extra help. I will post Zaczarowany Swiat (my childrens book) if you all would like to read. My boyfriend and I are designing, illustrating and publishing the book together. It's in prose, and I've been editing a lot of the poetry because I'm not the best at it quite yet, but I hope you guys will like it! It's been copyrighted as of two months ago, so please just give me comments! Thank you very much! I'm interested in reading others books and seeing pictures to see how different age group styles vary and then what other interesting ideas people can come up with! I think this group will be great for inspiration!! Thanks a lot.

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Glad to meet you!!!

Hello everyone

I am new to this community. I have always wanted to write something for the kids. But I just don't know how to start and where to begin....the ideas are steaming inside and wanted to burst but there is no pressure vault.

I am an indian.

Hope to meet some buddies
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My name is Malcolm. I’m not a traditional Writer for kids per say. I write a comic book called Witch Girls tales aimed at a younger demographic. Witch Girls tales has been optioned by a Sandbox Features for a potential movie. I’m also in the process of writing another Children’s comic short I’ve written as a movie “The Adventures of Little boy.”.

I think I have a unique look on the children’s demographic and would love to help new writers out in any way I can. I’m also posting here some art from my Witch Girls Adventures Project. Witch Girls Adventures is a Role-playing game (Pen and Dice) book aimed at a younger audience.

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I have written my first children's book and we're working on the illustrations in the current art studio I go to. I can't wait to finish the illustrations so I can either send it out to publishers or get it self published. But I am so ready to get it going. I am currently disabled and can't work a regular job, but got the idea to write the children's book from an unusual source, the opposing attorney for my case against Chubb Insurance, my previous employer. She says such ridiculous things and so it was her comments that inspired me - talk about lemonade from lemons. I hope there are others out there who can help in my first attempt at publishing. But I don't want to hear how hard it is, I know this. I want to hear how to do it.

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Hi all potential members,
I just searched livejournal for a children's books writers and illustrators community, and I just couldn't find one. So I decided to make one. Surely there are others out there who, like me, are aspiring to write and illustrate children's books. We need a place to share tips, frustrations, and accomplishments! I hope those of you out there searching for some kind of support group will be led here.